Date: 13th November 2018 at 5:23pm
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And there was I thinking that everything was rosy in the Anfield garden.

Laughing madly at the thought of Manchester City’s underhand dealings looking set to cost them dearly after being rumbled.

Then along comes something that, although it has yet to be proven, tarnishes our own club.

So, what am I talking about?

It’s the revelation that broke, on Monday, reported by numerous news sources, including the Liverpool Echo, that our own Daniel Sturridge has been charged, by the Football Association, for an alleged breach of betting rules.

Now, I’m sincerely hoping that the allegations can be proven to be misplaced once the investigation starts but, then again, I can’t help pondering over the fact that the Football Association rarely level charges unless they are certain of their facts.

Speculation, as covered by our referenced source, infers that bets placed on last seasons loan move to West Bromwich Albion form part of the book that’s set to be thrown towards Daniel.

If the charges are found to be true, then Daniel really has been a fool.

If the charges are found to be false, I can’t help feeling mud sticks.

I guess that smile that was spread all over my face following the Manchester City speculation, has now mellowed!