Date: 29th April 2014 at 9:26am
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Vital Liverpool member higgeldypiggeldy gives his take on what happened against Chelsea at the weekend…

A Chelsea masterclass – is that what we witnessed at the weekend? Really? Well, sorry, I’m just not buying it.

Have I been hit full in the face by a large tub of sour grapes? I don’t think I’ve been blinded in such a way either, otherwise I never would have been able to see the 10 blue shirts permanently camped in the eighteen yard boxes at Anfield.

Admittedly, one can’t argue about the destination of the points but the pundits are rolling out the same lines about Chelsea and Jose Mourinho’s brilliance and I’m going to rally against it.

Have we really just been handed a football lesson? On what exactly? How to defend with 10 players behind the ball while hitting long and high balls to a lone forward.

Is that tactic so difficult to coach, so sophisticated in its approach, that we are unlikely to see Norwich or Cardiff, or any team managed by Sam Allardyce for that matter, attempt such a ploy due to its complexity?

Surely only the elite teams – those in the Champions League presumably – would consider lining up in such a way?

I don’t think so, and I bet Real Madrid aren’t missing those type of tactics this season!

Don’t get me wrong, it was a below par performance by the Reds but I would argue that we were not out fought or out thought in any way. The only area we were second best in was lady luck.

Mourinho is most definitely the master when it comes to some rather unsavoury aspects of the game: the art of anti-football, game management (or unsporting and time wasting behaviour in other words) and not forgetting hypocrisy.

He may be a long time waiting for that respect he thinks Chelsea deserve and I can’t believe the game on Sunday did much to win over the minds of the neutrals.

Thankfully all the class on show was from Brendan Rodgers.

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