Date: 14th December 2009 at 5:18pm
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VL asks you to “introduce yourself” to each of us. RafaTheGaffer is first up.

VL asks you to “introduce yourself” to each of us. RafaTheGaffer is first up.

1. Why do you support Liverpool and how long have you supported them? I watched Liverpool beat Leeds on Match of the Day in 1974, and have supported them for the 35 years since!

2. Best Reds match? Istanbul by quite a margin. Great game, great trip.

3. Most memorable moment? Luis Garcia’s goal in the semi-final against Chelsea. I predicted both the scorer and the minute, now why didn’t I have a bet!!

4. All time favourite player (Red or not)? Emlyn Hughes, absolute legend of a player and a man.

5. Everton or ManU, which one is the biggest rivalry for you? Mancs.

6. Who will win the League next season (2009/2010)? Us – before Easter.

7. Which one would you rather win, Premier League or Champions League? (2009/2010) League.

8. How do you think Vital Liverpool could improve? More active members. I think the stuff that’s posted on here is high quality, we just need more discussions.

Added information. Hi, I’m Mark. Too old to mention. ST holder from Pompey. God, I hope they stop peeing around with the West Coast Main Line.

RTG Introduced himself to the VL members in the forum some time ago, way back in summer 2009.

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  • These are something that was planned to start several months ago but for some reason got put on the backburner. I’ve got a few more ready but others would be appreciated. Go onto the forum link and then either answer there or mail me.

  • leeimp95 i agree mate its always nice to learn something new so i would like to say thank you RTG i will stay away from West Coast Main Line….. lol

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