Date: 23rd September 2008 at 11:34am
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Predictions League Latest

The latest update for the Liverpool predictions league.

Last week, Chubby Alonso and Naoise took the lead in our prediction league, the rest of us were playing catch up in what is a crucial part of the prediction league season!

However, Stoke not only foiled the players of Liverpool, they foiled us with every member scoring only a single point. That is except for Chubby, who failed to score this week. So, the table looks like this as we head into the Merseyside Derby against the Small Lot over the park:

Naoise: 8 points
Chubby Alonso: 7 points
Aamir: 5 points
Muffdaddy1983: 5 points
Bosko-Macedonia: 4 points

As you can see, Naoise leads but there’s still a very long way to go so get involved!

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