Date: 4th April 2012 at 2:42pm
Written by:

Former Reds manager Roy Evans has become the latest person connected to Liverpool FC to have their say on the club’s current plight.

Unlike John Aldridge’s outspoken remarks yesterday, Evans, who led the side to League Cup success in 1995, has largely remained positive in his comments and implored everyone involved with the club to ‘stick together’.

Speaking to the Liverpool ECHO, the 63-year-old said: “You have to be positive. You have to stick together in times like this from the players, to the manager, the backroom staff and the supporters.

“It is always a difficult time when you go through periods like this as a manager. Especially as, being manager of a club like Liverpool, you know what it means to the fans. They are suffering at the moment, and having a hard time of it.

“And they have every right to be critical. That is part of being a fan.

“But at the end of the day, Liverpool still have a chance of winning the FA Cup, to go alongside the Carling Cup.

“The league position is not what anyone at the club wants it to be, make no mistake, but my message to the supporters would be to stick together, and try to stay behind the team for the rest of the season. Because the team, the players, the manager, they need fans’ support at times like this.”

Evans also called for patience and declared his hope that current boss Kenny Dalglish be given the time to put things right despite the club being in the midst of their worst run in the league since 1954.

“Football is a results business, and if you aren’t getting the results, then criticism will come. Patience is in short supply in the modern game, certainly among supporters and often among club owners too,” continued Evans.

“Hopefully, though, the owners will look at the situation sensibly. The teams that get success, in the long term, have continuity. Chopping and changing all the time gets a team nowhere.

“Look at Manchester United. If Alex Ferguson would have left when they had a bit of a rough patch years ago, where would they be now?

“Nobody will be hurting more than Kenny. I hear people say they don’t listen to the critics, but in this day and age that is almost impossible. The media coverage of football is 24/7 now, there is no escaping it.

“He was the fans’ choice as manager when Roy Hodgson left. I don’t think there was a fan around who didn’t want Kenny in.

“As manager of Liverpool, there are high expectations. You wouldn’t want it any other way, either. You wouldn’t want the players and the manager to be happy with the way things are going.

“The league table doesn’t lie. It is up to the players and the manager to make sure it reads a little better sooner rather than later.”

Evans took over the Anfield helm in January 1994 from Graeme Souness before departing in November 1998 after a brief and unsuccessful spell in joint charge with Gerrard Houllier. In addition to winning the League Cup in ’95, Evans took Liverpool back to Wembley the following year for an FA Cup final but his side lost 1-0 to Manchester United. During this period the club became renowned for their exciting and attacking brand of football but ultimately, despite successfully steadying the ship after the disastrous spell of Souness, success generally eluded Evans and his team.

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