Date: 12th August 2006 at 1:34pm
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Jose Mourinho’s obsession with Liverpool looks set to continue and in his latest rant he insisted he doesn’t have a problem with Rafa Benitez.

The Chelsea boss recently criticised Benitez’s apparent ‘negative tactics’ and claimed only Man Utd or Arsenal can stop them winning a third Premiership title.

However Joses insists:’Maybe he has a problem with me – but I do not have a problem, not between me and Rafael Benitez. It is not vice versa.

‘I know my face is not always a very nice face. I am aggressive and so on – but do not always make me the bad boy.’

Mourinho also seems to have had a change of heart about the Red’s title chances.

‘I think Liverpool are also candidates for the Premiership – but more important than that I think they are candidates to win every game,’ Mourinho said.

‘You can love or hate or prefer this style to that style.

‘But you have to look at them as a difficult team to beat and a team that goes for every game with the intention of not losing or trying to win. They are a very difficult team to beat. That is why in 12 matches we won six, we draw two or three and we lost two or three.’

Rafa once again refused to rise to Mourinho’s baiting and said; ‘I know him and I know how he likes to play these kind of games, but I like the games you play for 90 minutes, not the games before and after.’

However, Jamie Carragher find’s Mourinho’s constant jibes a source of great amusement and a sign that the Red’s are really getting under his skin.

Carragher said, ‘I think he embarrasses himself. He’s just like a big baby, isn’t he?

‘Mourinho is a great manager in what he has done but I don’t think you can say he is a great man.’