Date: 10th July 2006 at 1:33pm
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Well the World Cup is all over for another 4 years and I have to say that overall I enjoyed this years competition, apart from the cheating. I watched about 90% of the games and it was great coming home from work every evening and having a match to watch.

As is always the case, there were good points and bad points. On the positive side, there were some great games, great goals and great moments of skill. On the negative side, I thought a lot of the refereeing was pretty bad, particularly early on but the thing that annoyed me most was the diving.

Diving is becoming a real cancer in the game, it just seems to be getting worse every year. Whether it was trying to get a penalty or going down feigning injury in an attempt to get another player booked, every team had players guilty of it in this competition, just as every team in the Premiership is also guilty of it at times, including our own, and it makes me sick!

Diving is cheating and its as simple as that and it should have no place in the game. I don’t know a single football supporter who approves of it. The powers that be need to get together and cut this cancer from the game before it destroy’s it. Players need to be discouraged from indulging in this kind of behaviour, if a ref doesn’t see it in the course of the game then video evidence should be used retrospectively to ensure these players are fined, suspended and branded for the cheats that they are.

As for the best players in the competition, I’ve got to say that practically all of the best performances were from defenders, particularly Ayala and Cannavaro. It’s amazing the myth that can sometimes grow around certain players but when you see them on the biggest stage of them all, many of them look pretty average and you wonder what all the fuss is about.

I can’t think of a single striker that shone in the competition. Klose did well scoring 5 goals for Germany but overall I thought he looked nothing more than useful. As for the big name midfielders in the competition such as Ronaldino, Riqelme and Deco etc, all of them were nothing special and very average at best.

It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t so long ago that Plank Lampard was voted No2 in the world! It show’s how clueless the people who make the decisions for these Mickey Mouse awards really are. Anyone who Lampard perform in this competition can surely not be any doubt that he’s not even the No2 player at his own club! In fairness StevieG didn’t pull up any tree’s either but at least he has the excuse of being played out of position.

As for the countries that were on show. Brazil had the players but didn’t have the team, Argentina also had the players but didn’t seem to have the temperment, Spain lived down to their usual reputation of underperforming, England suffered from a lack of proper leadership both off and on the field and as usual ended up on the wrong end of a penalty shoot out defeat, Germany had the momentum and could well have won it had they managed to take the Italians to penalties in the semi.

Of the two finalists France and Italy. After watching France in the early games I thought they had no chance but they seemed to find their form in the knock out stage and you would have to say that overall they were the better side in the final. What effect Zidanes sensational sending off had on them its difficult to say. It’s sad to see arguably the best player in the world for the 10-15yrs ending their international career in disgrace. I don’t know what that Italian player said to him but the loaf Zidane hit him with, Drunken Ferguson would have been proud of.

So big congratulations to Italy on becoming World Champions. I think overall you would have to say they were the most consistent side in the competition and in Cannavaro they certainly had the best player, so good luck to them. Mind you, its always a distinct advantage when you go into a competition with many of your players already knowing the results in advance (allegedly!).

Anyway its time to put this international stuff behind us and get back to our bread and butter job of supporting Liverpool Football Club, The Greatest Club Side in the World. So as a final word on the World Cup, I seen this in the Vital Liverpool Forums and couldn’t resist posting it, enjoy!

What I did on my summer holiday
By Theo Walcott Esq aged 8 1/2

I went to a place called Germany with my Uncle Sven and some other grown up’s. It is a country in Europe where a bad man called Adolf used to live with his nazties, he does not live there anymore, Uncle Owen does live there, and the grown up’s say I cant talk about the bad man as it will make Uncle Owen cry if I do.

In Germany there are lots of castles and some mountains. We are staying in a place called Baden
Baden that’s a silly name, Uncle Frank has the same name as his dad, that’s silly too, his mum must get their underpants mixed up all the time.

On the aeroplane Uncle Sol sat next to me, he got me some toffee and wants to be my friend, he works at the place where I do my YTS, so does Uncle Freddy but him and Uncle Sol are not best
friends anymore.

Uncle Owen met us at the airport, he talks foreign, Uncle Wayne, Uncle Steven and Uncle David also talk funny, my mum says Uncle David talks like Orville, he is a duck, Uncle Sol say’s uncle David wears dresses and knickers, and asked me if I had ever worn them. Uncle Sol got me some pop.

In Germany the grown ups are going to play football, my grandad says we beat them in the olden days before my mum was born. That is a long time ago.

While the grown up’s went to play football so I went shopping with Auntie Vicky and some other girls she bought me a big ice cream and got herself a little one but she said she was full before she had eaten any and threw it away. She bought lots of shoes and handbags and let me play with Brooklyn. She say’s she used to be in a pop band and sang me one of her songs, I think she was telling fibs.

I told Uncle Sol about my day out with Vicky and he sulked, then he bought me an even bigger ice cream with lots of hundred’s and thousands on it.

All the other grown up’s have a girlfriend except Uncle Sol so he plays with me while they go out. Uncle Sven says I must keep Uncle Sol happy, that’s why I got taken on holiday.

The grown up’s went to play Football against somebody called Sweden, Uncle Sol was crying as Uncle Freddy played for them and would not talk to him. Uncle Sol bought me lots of toffee today and some crisps. Uncle Sven is from Sweden and I heard him on the phone to their boss last night. Uncle Michael hurt his knee and had to go home to his mum for a plaster. Uncle Peter is a giant, a proper giant like you see in books, he is rubbish at football though.

Uncle Wayne had a sore toe at the start of the holiday but it got better so they let him play football. Uncle Sol got me a present but I do not like it. He says all Germans wear leather underpants
and I should while we are here, they are too tight for me.

All the grown up’s started to call Uncle Wayne a potato head who stood on somebodys spuds. He got shouted at by the referee. They are all saying that we have to go home now. Uncle Sol was crying again and I had to sit on his knee to make him stop. He had his mobile phone in his pocket, I think.