Date: 10th November 2018 at 11:28am
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It’s well known and universally accepted that every player has his price, but does the same ring true for every club?

If the right offer were to come along could even the biggest clubs in the land come under new ownership?

The answer is, of course, yes.

The last couple of decades have seen the big four of Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool all change hands.

But, could Liverpool be about to change hands again.

Maybe, or maybe not!

Reports emerged recently, courtesy of the American media, inferring that our owner, John W Henry, is open to selling the club with a price of $2 billion being quoted, a huge sum.

However, according to the news source, the Daily Mail, Liverpool have moved quickly to dismiss such reports, with a spokesperson from within the club remarking, according to our quoted source,

“As loathe as we are to give a story of this nature a meaningful response, on behalf of the club’s ownership I can completely dismiss this unfounded speculation.”

Which is music to our ears.

Under the ownership of Mr Henry, our club has flourished, a huge amount of money has been invested in the squad, at the bequest of Jurgen Klopp, with Liverpool now playing the kind of football that could very well herald the arrival of our first Premier League title.

To disturb the equilibrium with a change of ownership could, I believe, only do us harm.

Besides, the expression ‘better the devil you know’ springs to mind.