Date: 30th January 2019 at 4:47pm
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Unless something is going on in the background the media are not aware of, we doubt whether Liverpool Football Club, as the closure of the January transfer window approaches, will be involved in any serious business.

However, that’s not to say that those involved with bringing in new talent are not actively involved in looking towards the future and possible acquisitions.

One such example has emerged in the media this morning with the news source, inews, suggesting that Liverpool are paying close attention to the progress being made by the Turkish midfielder, Abdulkadir Omur.

Just 19-years-of-age, Omur is currently on the books of the Turkish side Trabzonspor and has already been given the somewhat unfortunate career inhibiting nickname of the Turkish Messi.

But, if Liverpool are showing genuine interest in the youngster, our referenced source is reporting that Arsenal, Leicester City and Bayern Munich are also interested in acquiring the services of the player.

From an editorial point of view and not knowing very much at all about the player, with Turkish football not being shown on the TV channels I have access to, it’s hard to offer a viewpoint on such a move, but, if those who know far more about emerging talent than I do have identified the player as a possible target then I’m happy to go with their judgement.

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